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Kindle 3 For Dummies Harvey R. Chute

Kindle 3 For Dummies

Harvey R. Chute

Published March 25th 2011
Kindle Edition
168 pages
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 About the Book 

Re-Kindle your love of reading! With a Kindle 3, you can take your library wherever you goSince its debut, the Kindle has been the top-selling electronic reading device. But if youve been holding out, you may have timed it just right! The Kindle 3 is the bestselling product on Amazon.com. Heres how to take advantage of all it offers � not just for reading, but for music, Web browsing, viewing documents, and more!To know it is to love it � learn your way around the Kindle and discover all you can do with itRediscover your love of reading � learn how easy it is to turn pages, mark your place, find a book in your library, and moreOther fun stuff � see how to play music while you read, view photos, and browse the Web from your KindleIt talks! � let Kindle read to you using the Text-to-Speech featureMore than a pretty package � discover sharp-looking accessories that actually protect your KindleWant some 3G with that? � compare the pros and cons of the Wi-Fi Kindle and the 3G + Wi-Fi KindleGo shopping � shop the Kindle Store and others for e-books and moreGet free stuff � explore sources of free content for your Kindle and convert documents you already haveOpen the book and find:How to use the built-in dictionaryHow to search for books and manage collectionsThe difference between using the Text-to-Speech feature and listening to an audio bookSuggestions for prolonging battery lifeHow to lend or borrow booksGreat sources of free contentTips for traveling with your KindleTroubleshooting techniquesLearn to:Navigate your Kindle 3 and register it with AmazonConnect via Wi-Fi or 3G and download e-books, magazines, newspapers, and moreOrganize your library and view your contentProtect and troubleshoot your Kindle